Haven’t been able to promote the blog due to final exams

April 30, 2007

Within a week or so I’m going to get this blog under way. Will think of some more ideas in the meantime.


First round let’s turn $1 into $2(or more)

April 10, 2007

Ok everyone,

I ‘m looking for ideas that can turn $1 into at least $2. This may be the easiest round to get that free link on the front page.

Let the blog begin!

April 10, 2007

Hi everyone,

I’m an optimist by heart and I think it’s possible for me to turn 1 dollar into 1 million dollars with the help of the web community. I’m hoping this blog not only helps me achieve this goal but results in many people learning moneymaking ideas for their own benefit. Additionally, anyone’s idea that helps me at least double my current amount of money will get a free link on the front page of the blog(as long as link legally allowed by wordpress).

I’ll choose one idea at a time that I think could at least double my current amount of money. The person who suggested it could even walk me through the process to ensure I at least double my money so that they get their free link on the blog’s front page. For example, to start off I’m trying to turn $1 into $2. If the idea ends up turning $1 into $3, then I will next look for an idea that could turn $3 into $6. I can even use the same idea over again and if it results in doubling, I’ll give the person another free link on the front page.

People who suggest ideas don’t have to give every detail of the plan but could share the more complicated and detailed steps specifically with me through email or phone in order for it not to get taken before I try it out.

Thanks for everyone’s help and I hope this blog results in us all making more money!